The C-Views Homecare Scheduler lets you stay in control of your homecare business by:

  • Saving time - up to 50% over a manual system of scheduling
  • Eliminate the mountains of paperwork and frees your coordinators time to do the work you need them for - patient care
  • Gives you the statistical reports you need to stay in business
  • Tracks visits through to billing and payroll so that you never lose billable hours or pay for unworked hours
  • Exports to major payroll and accounting systems for a seamless business operation.

The C-Views Homecare Scheduler offers an easy to learn software package with all the scheduling and reporting features you need for:

  • Meal Delivery
  • Group Homes
  • Personal Care
  • Nursing Care

Some more features are:

  • An automatic employee search feature
  • Easy to use Calendar Format
  • Direct government invoicing
  • Export to payroll and software packages
  • Direct email from the application
  • Billing by the minute, the hour  and the day
  • Availability Lists
  • Careplans
  • User level security