The C-Views Report Writer


The C-Views report writer is a powerful query builder and report writer.  It has a simple wizard interface to guide you through the process of making your reports.  You can select the sort order, enter filter conditions, and select where the output should go (printer, disk file, spreadsheet etc). 

These reports can be can be created in minutes.  Simply select which field to report on from the list of available C-Views fields (in full english descriptions  rather than cryptic codes and symbols), and you're done.


You can choose from four different report types:

  • Quick Reports (row and column layout)
  • Cross Tab (like pivot tables)
  • Charts and Graphs (pie, bar etc)
  • Labels.


The advanced report designer allows you to customize the report layout beyond the report wizard settings.  You can control the font, color, alignment, heading and column width for each field with a mouth click.

There is also a detailed help file covering topics such as tutorials, using the report write, menu functions, how to, and frequently asked questions.

For more information on our C-Views Report Writer call us at 1.800.859.9458